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What to Expect

Are you a new patient to the office? Well don’t worry; we will try to make your visit as enjoyable as we can from day one. Please be aware, management of your pain is a continuing endeavor, therefore your consistency is vital. Here is a general outline of what to expect.

Day One:

On your first visit you will start by filling out the new patient paperwork. This can be done at the office or ahead of time by downloading the forms here.

After the paperwork is completed we will begin your consultation. Dr. Rodriguez will review your reasons for seeking care, as well as your medical history.

After the consultation, Dr. Rodriguez will perform a new patient examination. This includes orthopedic and neurologic tests, vitals, and a general physical. At this time we may refer you for X-rays as well. There are over 1.2 million nerves running through your spine and 31 pairs of spinal nerves, so we like to be careful with what we do.

If you are in pain, we will typically perform a relief treatment the first day, as well as send you home with instructions on what you can do to help recovery. We will schedule your follow up appointment at a time convenient for you.

Day Two:

On your second visit we will go over your exam and any X-Ray results, as well as discuss your care plan with you. We will also go over insurance benefits on this day, as well as answer any questions you may have. Once this is completed you will be adjusted, and if you are doing therapy we will also begin that as well today.

Day Three & Beyond:

On subsequent visits you will continue therapy and adjustments. We do our best to respect your time by keep your wait time to a minimum, and not waste your time in the office. We may do exercises or physical therapy in the office in order to help in your recovery. If you have questions or need to discuss something with the doctor, please let us know. You can also email your questions at, and Dr. Rodriguez will respond as soon as possible.

Our ultimate goal is to make you happy. If there is anything that we can do differently to better help you, please bring it to our attention. 

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