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Are you considering having your kids checked? Maybe you are wondering why anyone would choose to have their children adjusted. Chiropractic care does much more than relieve neck pain. Seeking care early for your loved ones can offer them a solid foundation for wellness, and ensure they are given the best opportunity for a healthy life. How important is it to you that your child is healthy and happy?

“The earlier abnormal spinal function can be recognized and corrected in a child’s life, the greater the opportunity that child will have for neurological development.” Dr. David Heilig

Kids are resilient. But, all too often adults are guilty of downplaying or underestimating the stress they undergo or the long term effects that it can have. Most of the time we just shrug this off as: “Oh they will be OK, just kids”. The reality is that the number of traumas to a child’s body and especially the spine & nervous system add up.

What kind of things could be causing stress on your child’s spine & nervous system?

  • falls
  • contact sports or sports-related injuries
  • repetitive video game play
  • repetitive reading
  • heavy backpacks
  • poor posture
  • improper sleeping
  • poor diet
  • Chemical stressors–medications, cleaners, chemicals, etc.
  • emotional stress–home and school
  • and much more

We all know that the stresses in our life add up. As adults, we know that the aches and pains we suffer on a daily basis started years and years ago. Even though children often bounce right up after falls or accidents, that stress makes a change. That change could cause multiple problems down the road. Chiropractic helps to keep those stresses from becoming a problem now or in the future. The detection and correction of subluxation leads to a better functioning child. Read more about subluxations on our What is Chiropractic page.

“Subluxation alone is a rational reason for Chiropractic care throughout a lifetime from birth.” Lee Hadley, M.D.

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