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Have you been in a car accident? We can help!

Studies show that an impact as slow as 5 mph can cause whiplash, which can have damaging long term effects on your spine. These seemingly minor accidents can impact you for the rest of your life. According to surveys of people with chronic pain, as many as 45% of them trace their pain origination back to a car accident. We don’t want you to be one of those people.

Sometimes auto accident victims are not offered much for treatment options, except a few painkillers to cover up their symptoms. These painkillers do nothing to correct the underlying problems. Do not let auto accident injuries go untreated, because they often do get worse over time. Whiplash trauma can emerge days, weeks even months later. Symptoms can include headaches, stiffness, numbness and/or tingling to the hands or feet, pain, stiffness, weakness, and fatigue.

Early treatment after an auto accident can help reduce inflammation and improve spinal mobilization to reduce scar tissue which may contribute to perpetual problems. Chiropractic care should be a major part of recovery after any auto accident.

What about physical therapy or massage?

We do believe massage therapy and physical therapy can be an important part of the healing process after an accident. Physical therapy can help strengthen weakened muscles, and massage therapy can help to loosen tight muscles and relieve tension. But neither addresses an extremely important part of the body that is injured in an MVA, which are the spinal joints themselves. These spinal joints can become stuck and restricted in their movements. When this happens the body starts to break down, nerves are pinched, toxins are released, and arthritis begins to set in. This is much easier to prevent than to correct, which makes Chiropractic such a vital role in your recovery.

Do I need to call a lawyer?

That is up to you. Most people find the additional help and guidance of a lawyer to be helpful in these stressful situations. They can help to assure that you do not get taken advantage of by the insurance companies. If you do not know a lawyer, we can give you a referral to someone locally that you can trust. We have relationships with experienced local attorney’s that will treat you fairly.

So, if you or anyone you know has been involved in an MVA, call our office right away at (575) 527-5083. We will make the process easy and stress free. We work directly with your auto insurance company to insure that all your medical needs are covered. There are no out of pocket costs involved with most accidents so the only thing you need to focus on is recovery.

Here is some additional advice after an auto accident:

Move all involved vehicles off busy roads. Use caution when moving injured passengers, and if head injuries are suspected, call an ambulance immediately.

Exchange names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance information with all involved parties, including any witnesses. Use your phone to take pictures of involved parties ID and insurance card.

Make notes of how the car accident happened while it is fresh in your mind.

Call the police.

Call your auto insurance company, but do NOT tell them that you have no injuries, as it’s too early to tell. Adrenaline can be masking the pain, and it can take days or weeks for injuries to start presenting with symptoms.

Call us for a free consultation and examination. Severe injuries can, and often do, result from relatively low-impact force. The fact is that many people do not notice the symptoms of neck, back, arm or leg injuries–even severe injuries–for days or even weeks after an auto accident.

Seemingly minor spinal injuries often go undetected by routine emergency medical examinations. If left untreated, these injuries can become permanent, causing degeneration of the spine and leading to a life of constant pain.

For temporary relief ice can be applied at an interval of 20 minutes on, 30 minutes off. Topical pain relieving sprays or creams can also be used.

Do not try to stretch out injured tissues, as this may just aggravate things.

Please call us at (575) 527-5083 or just stop in if you have any questions.

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